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Water damage in Noble Oklahoma

This homeowner in Noble, OK came home from vacation to a house full of water. A pipe in the home decided to crack and leak water all over the first floor of the... READ MORE

Broken pipe in commercial building

Facility managers do not need to worry about flooding from a broken pipe or leaking supply line. SERVPRO of Norman is ready to help you get your business cleane... READ MORE

Mold can be hard to spot, SERVPRO of Norman can help!

Mold is microscopic which means it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine if your home has mold unless you can visibly ... READ MORE

Water damage restoration for your business

Water from a broken pipe does not do as much harm as one would think. However, if you wait to call a restoration company, the damage can significantly harm your... READ MORE

Fire restoration services provided 24/7

Having to cleanup after a fire is no picnic. This home had smoke and soot damage. The smoke odor permeates the walls and this worsens the hotter the fire had go... READ MORE

What to do after my building floods

Commercial water damage can cause a lot of problems for the continuation of business. Depending on the needs of your customers there are some tips to avoid clos... READ MORE

We can restore your property no matter the damage

When your home or business experiences damage, whether it be fire, water or mold, SERVPRO of Norman can and will arrive quickly to assess the damage. We will cr... READ MORE

Fire, Water, and Mold! Oh my!

Fire Damage A fire had started in this bathroom and caused a lot of smoke damage. The firefighters showed up and put out the fire. The first damage the home had... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Crawlspace

Flooding under a home created a mess in this crawlspace. Keeping a crawlspace is always a challenge in during heavy rains. Ground water tends to get in at the w... READ MORE

Cleaning Up The Mold

Mold growth starts out as a microscopic spore. It is invisible to the naked eye and is always present. When water is introduced the home mold will begin to grow... READ MORE