Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Pipe Burst in Ceiling

A department store had some water damage on the ceiling that found its way through a can light. After removing the drywall a broken pipe was found and fixed. Le... READ MORE

Back Room Water Damage

Broken Pipe Floods Company A broken pipe had caused this store to replace ceiling tiles and have their carpets cleaned. The maintenance crew had a tough time tr... READ MORE

Auto Repair Shop in Norman Suffers Smoke Damage

Safety precautions were not adhered to, and the result was a smoky, sooty damaged repair shop in Norman. There was no structural damage since the flames were qu... READ MORE

Norman Commercial Office Building Suffers a Flood

The broken main water line flooded a section of this large office building in Norman. Fortunately, most of the standing water was limited to the restroom area w... READ MORE

Motel in Hall Park and Water Damage

A break in a water line caused a pooling of water that saturated the carpet in this Hall Park motel. The water wicked up the walls but fortunately the night man... READ MORE

Water Damage at Oklahoma City Funeral Home

Water damage in Oklahoma City at Buchanan Funeral Service was caused by a leaking hot water tank in the attic. Fortunately, only four rooms of the facility were... READ MORE