Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage In Crawlspace

Flooding under a home created a mess in this crawlspace. Keeping a crawlspace is always a challenge in during heavy rains. Ground water tends to get in at the w... READ MORE

Storm Wreaks Havoc on a Hall Park Home

It does not have to be a tornado that can severely damage a home in Hall Park from high winds. The roof on this structure was badly compromised by a falling tre... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Norman Home

Storm damage occurred due to strong gusty winds associated with a band of thunderstorms in the neighborhood of this Norman home. The window was torn away from t... READ MORE

Storm Damage at Shawnee Banking Facility

Storm damage to this Shawnee, Ok Mid First Bank facility resulted from a roof leak caused by a severe rainstorm. The leak was located and repaired. We cleaned u... READ MORE

Thunderstorm damage Norman OK

A late August thunderstorm ripped the roof off of the southwest corner of the commercial building. Rainwater affected 12 units of the hotel. All rooms were comp... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Carpeting – Dillard’s Department Sto

Storm Damage flooded the Dillard’s department store leaving the carpeting dirty and wet. The baseboards and lower portions of the wall were water damaged and ne... READ MORE