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Fire, Water, and Mold! Oh my!

Fire DamageA fire had started in this bathroom and caused a lot of smoke damage. The firefighters showed up and put out the fire. The first damage the home had ... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Crawlspace

Flooding under a home created a mess in this crawlspace.Keeping a crawlspace is always a challenge in during heavy rains. Ground water tends to get in at the wo... READ MORE

Cleaning Up The Mold

Mold growth starts out as a microscopic spore. It is invisible to the naked eye and is always present. When water is introduced the home mold will begin to grow... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in Noble, OK

Mold Damaged BasementOur technicians are highly trained and have certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) s... READ MORE

Bonus Room Damaged By Fire

This Slaughterville home in Oklahoma had a fire in the attic. The reason for the fire was unknown but possibly from some exposed wires.The woodwork in the bonus... READ MORE

Before and After a Fire in Norman, OK

A lot of fires are small in the home but leave a big mess. The actual fire started in the kitchen of this home but soot needed up in the bathroom, living room, ... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Ceiling

A department store had some water damage on the ceiling that found its way through a can light. After removing the drywall a broken pipe was found and fixed.Lex... READ MORE

Back Room Water Damage

Broken Pipe Floods CompanyA broken pipe had caused this store to replace ceiling tiles and have their carpets cleaned. The maintenance crew had a tough time try... READ MORE

Auto Repair Shop in Norman Suffers Smoke Damage

Safety precautions were not adhered to, and the result was a smoky, sooty damaged repair shop in Norman. There was no structural damage since the flames were qu... READ MORE

Storm Wreaks Havoc on a Hall Park Home

It does not have to be a tornado that can severely damage a home in Hall Park from high winds. The roof on this structure was badly compromised by a falling tre... READ MORE