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How To Clean a Moldy Washing Machine

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Low angle view of baking soda with vinegar, natural mix for effective house cleaning Instead of using harsh bleach, you can clean the inside of the machine with a vinegar and baking soda solution

How To Clean a Moldy Washing Machine

A front-load washing machine gets clothes cleaner than a traditional washer while using less water and detergent. However, if the wrong type of soap or too much soap is used, it can stick to surfaces inside the washer. This creates a ripe environment for mold and bacteria growth. If you notice a musty smell coming from your washer, you likely have a mold problem. You do not have to live with the smell. With a few easy steps, it is fairly simple to have your washer smelling fresh again.

Clean With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Instead of using harsh bleach, you can clean the inside of the machine with a vinegar and baking soda solution. Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup water. Pour the solution into the detergent container. Add two cups of vinegar into the empty drum. Run the washer through a cycle using high heat.

Scrub With a Scrubber Sponge

After the wash cycle is complete, check the washing machine to see if any grime, dirt, or mold remains. Be sure to check the rubber seal around the door. This is prime real estate for water to get trapped, and bacteria and mold love to grow in areas that trap moisture. The backside of a kitchen sponge should provide enough friction to remove any remaining grime.

Prevent Mold Regrowth

Now that your washer is free from the mold smell, you will want to prevent it from returning. To do this, use a detergent that is made specifically for high-efficiency washers. Avoid creating an environment that is hospitable to mold by removing clothes promptly. Leave the washer door open so that the machine dries out between loads.
Returning your washing machine to normal only requires a few steps, and you will have your dirty laundry smelling clean again. If you find that you still have a mold problem in Hall Park, OK, you can contact a mold remediation company to restore your washer.

Renters Insurance and Fire Damage

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Renters insurance form and dollars, calculator, glasses and two keys on the table. Fortunately, renters insurance generally covers fire damage

A fire to your Eason, OK, home or apartment can be a major hassle, and it may be even trickier if you are a renter. Fortunately, renters insurance generally covers fire damage.

Insurance Coverage Categories

There can be many types of expenses related to a fire at the property you rent, so it is important to be fully covered. Every policy is different, but most companies offer coverage to renters in the following areas:

  • Contents
  • Loss of use
  • Liability
  • Medical payments

Contents coverage replaces your personal belongings if they are destroyed in a fire, assuming you are covered for replacement cost rather than actual cash value. Loss of use coverage helps pay for temporary living arrangements while the home you rent is being restored. If you accidentally start the fire, liability insurance protects you against lawsuits filed against you. Medical payments coverage pays out for claims small enough not to warrant determining fault. As a general rule, renters insurance covers costs that affect the renter. Costs that affect the owner, such as damage to the home’s structure, are covered by the property owner's insurance policy.

How To Document the Damage

After a fire, you may be tempted to immediately begin the fire restoration process. However, it is important to take time to properly document the damage first. This way, your insurance company can fully compensate you. Once the authorities have declared your home safe, you can begin taking the photo or video evidence of the fire damage. Make sure the photos or videos are as detailed as possible. In addition, make a list of all the items that cannot be salvaged, the date you purchased each one and the purchase price. It is helpful to keep a home inventory of all big-ticket items in either a fire-proof safe or cloud storage.
Renters insurance can help you financially after a fire. However, for assistance with fire cleanup and the refurbishment of your personal property, you may wish to enlist the help of a certified fire restoration company.

What To Expect During a Roof Restoration

11/16/2019 (Permalink)

Roof reconstruction Roof reconstruction in Etowah, OK

What To Expect During a Roof Restoration

After a storm in Etowah, OK, you may find your home is in need of a roof repair. There are a few steps you can expect to see your local storm damage restoration company take during the restoration process. Here's what you may want to know.

1. An Assessment of the Damage

One of the first steps you will see your local restoration company take is the assessment of any damage. This will help them determine whether they're looking at water, hail, snow, or wind damage so that the proper repair steps can be followed. After the assessment they will also be able to provide an estimate for your insurance company.

2. Prioritization of Repair Tasks

Once the assessment has occurred the restoration team working on your home can begin determining the prioritization of repair tasks. During a roof repair, certain tasks will need to be performed ahead of others in order to complete the restoration correctly and efficiently. For example any damage sub-layers will need to be repaired ahead of replacing shingles. The professionals working on your home will first determine which repairs need to be made and in what order before starting the restoration.

3. The Completion of Repairs

Once the roof damage to your home has been assessed, and after a restoration service has determined the best order of repairs, they can begin to restore your roof. Depending on the damage type and severity you may say anything from repairing a small area of shingles, to checking for and replacing waterlogged wood. If your gutters have been damaged you may also want to have them replaced at this time.
During the roof repair process, you can expect to see your local restoration company make an assessment of the damages, prioritize the repair tasks so they can have an efficient order of work, and then conduct and complete the repairs. If you have any questions a professional may be able to help.

How To Conduct Fire Drills and Prepare for Workplace Emergencies

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

A note on a paper that says What is your action plan You should create and emergency action plan for your business

How To Conduct Fire Drills and Prepare for Workplace Emergencies

As a commercial business owner in Norman, OK, you have plenty of tasks to perform and problems to solve each day. You may not spend much time thinking about what you will do during a workplace disaster.
However, preparing for emergencies ahead of time can limit the impact of the disaster on your business. There are many types of emergencies that can affect a commercial building, including:

  • Tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Chemical spills
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods

Fire and storm damage can be devastating. Flood cleanup can be especially time-consuming and costly for your business. That is why you should create an emergency action plan and conduct at least one fire drill per year.

Emergency Action Plans

Some employers are legally required by the General Industry Occupational Safety and Health Standard to create action plans. Yet all companies should have some disaster preparedness measures in place.
Any disaster plan should detail how employees can report emergencies, and how the rest of the building will be notified. You should also come up with an evacuation procedure and make sure that workers know the best way to get out of the building. Make sure to consider the needs of any disabled employees.

Conducting Drills

A yearly fire drill can reinforce the plan and ensure that employees know what to do and where to go during a disaster. You may even want to call your local fire and police departments for assistance with the drill. Afterward, talk with your employees and managers to assess how the drill went. Discuss any weaknesses with your plan and adjust it accordingly.

Disaster Cleanup

Of course, even if you are fully prepared for emergencies, you may not be able to prevent flood damage to your building. Storm cleanup specialists can restore your property quickly so your employees can get back to work.
Holding a fire drill in your office will give your employees peace of mind. They will know what to do in the event of a disaster.

Understanding Insurance Claims and Rates

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

Wooden bricks in the shape of a house, the hands of a person sliding a piece of wood with the word INSURANCE Remember that insurance exists to help you when you truly need the financial support

Comprehensive insurance plans are a wonderful investment because you can rest easy knowing you and your home are protected in the event of an accident, natural disaster, or other incident that would otherwise cause major financial problems. But there can be a downside to filing an insurance claim, in that you run the risk of having your rates raised in the future. Understanding how claims work and how you can protect yourself from skyrocketing rates help ensure you will be fairly compensated without paying a hefty price down the road.

Common Insurance Rate Factors

Insurance rates tend to stay fixed so long as there is not a major change to the home, your personal circumstances, your surrounding area. Rates can change, however, for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Number of claims – If you have filed multiple claims, especially within a short period of time, your rates are likely to be raised since you will be considered a high risk client
  • Who is at fault – Filing an insurance claim following a natural disaster is less likely to result in a rate hike since you are not at fault
  • Type of incident – A home flood is often damaging to your reputation with your insurance company and is more likely to result in a rate hike than something small such as a first speeding ticket

Additional Points to Consider

Since you run the risk of rate hikes, it is important to be discriminating when deciding whether to file an insurance claim. During a home flood in Norman, OK, for example, ask yourself if paying to repair and remediate water damage is affordable without involving the insurance company. It usually does not make sense to file a claim for a small incident, especially if the cost will be similar to your deductible. Remember that insurance exists to help you when you truly need the financial support, not to pay for any small repair or cleanup, so understand your policy and the impact it will have before deciding whether to file a claim.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Smoke Detectors

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

The hand of someone changing the battery of a smoke detector Change batteries every six months

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Smoke Detectors

Homes should have fire alarms in each room, capable of signaling residents of any potential danger. After all, flames spread quickly throughout a home, threatening the lives of those inside and causing significant damage to the property. The loud noise needs to happen to give people time to escape and seek help. If it doesn't occur, you'll need fireman and a fire restoration crew in Spring Hill, OK. These people can work with you to restore the house, cleaning up the smoke damage. They cannot, however, replace people, so take the time now to prepare yourself and maintain the unit.

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Many people fail to realize that they do have some control over the smoke detector. You don't need to wait for it to beep to change the battery. Instead, set aside some time to keep it working properly. Homeowners can do the following:

  • Change batteries every six months
  • Replace units every 10 years
  • Periodically test the silent button

2. What Do You Do if It's Beeping?

At some point, one or more of the detectors will start to beep. You'll need to test the unit and determine what is wrong. First, turn off the circuit breaker to the fire alarm and disconnect the system, removing the detector from the unit and unplugging the power supply. Take the new batteries out, and insert fresh ones. Then, reattach the detector and switch the breaker back on.

3. Clean It

Occasionally that is not enough. You'll need to evaluate the unit for any dirt or debris. If something has made its way inside, the sensor could have issues and not function correctly, allowing fire damage without proper warning. Clear out anything causing issues. For that difficult dust, grab an air blower.
Protect yourself and others by keeping your fire alarms in good condition. Test them, change the batteries, and keep them clean. A functional smoke detector could save your life.

3 Ways That Mold Can Spread Throughout Your House

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Hand in blue gloves tears off wallpapers damaged by mold Mold removal in Noble, OK

3 Ways That Mold Can Spread Throughout Your House

Black mold is a common problem that many homeowners in Noble, OK, deal with at one time or another. The problem is that this fungus spreads easily and can be difficult to get rid of once it has started growing. If you have mold in your house, keep the following in mind as these are all ways that it can spread.

1. Excessive Moisture

One of the biggest sources of spreading mold is excessive moisture in your house. Whether it’s from water damage, steam or high levels of humidity, moisture makes it incredibly easy for mold spores to grow. To help prevent this from happening, you should get any leaks repaired right away, regularly clean sinks and showers and open windows when showering and cooking. You may want to invest in a dehumidifier as well.

2. Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Mold spores are small enough that you won’t know if they are traveling through the air in your home. If you know that you have a problem with spreading mold, then you should avoid using items that can make it worse. A central heating and air conditioning system can be one of the worst causes of this. Fans should be kept off as well.

3. Mold Removal

If it is not done by a professional mold remediation company, attempts at mold removal can actually make the situation worse. If you are trying to remove a growth and do not properly block off the area, then you risk mold spores moving into other spaces. It can also get on your shoes and clothing and spread throughout the house that way.
Because spreading mold is easy to do, you should be very careful if you have found this fungus in your home. To avoid creating more problems, it is best to hire a professional with the training and equipment to get the job done correctly.

What To Know About Sewer Damage Cleanup

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Sewage water on a toilet Water from a toilet is categorized as black water

3 Steps To Clean Safely and Efficiently Sewer Damage

If your business in Spring Hill, OK, faces a potential sewer cleanup, you may be wondering how to go about the process. Here are three steps that can help you not only clean up the mess thoroughly, but safely and efficiently as well.

1. Call a Restoration Service

If you find your business is in need of a sooner clean up its best to contact a water damage restoration service as quickly as possible. Sewage cleanup can be tricky for a number of reasons, however professional services have the tools and knowledge required to do so properly. They will be able to instruct you as to the necessary steps and safety precautions.

2. Sewage is Black Water

Because water from a flooded toilet, sewage main, and other similar sources are categorized as Black water, certain safety precautions have to be observed when conducting a sewer cleanup. Black water is any source of water that could have bacteria in it including that from fecal matter. As such proper safety gear must be worn during the process, and the area must be thoroughly sanitized afterwards.

3. The Area Should Be Sanitized

If you experience a sewer backup at your place of business it's important to have the area thoroughly sanitized after the cleanup process. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria that could cause further problems, and helps keep you and your employees safe. During the sanitation process certain cleaners may be used, and the restoration service may inspect areas other than that where obvious damage occurred. This is partially to ensure that no water damage has seeped into unseen areas such as behind walls or under flooring where it can present future problems.
Because a sewer cleanup can be a tricky process due to the black water nature of sewer contamination, and the necessity of sanitation, it's important to contact a professional restoration service if you experience problems of this nature. Not only will these professionals have the proper tools, but they should be able to answer any questions you may have as well.

Navigating Floodwaters When There Are No Other Options

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Red truck and a black car driving through a flooded street Flooded street in Corbett, OK

What To Do If You Find Yourself Driving In A Flooded Street?

Floods are the most common calamity associated with weather, and you're likely to experience some degree of flooding sooner or later. Inclement weather is always inconvenient, but when drainage systems back up, things can start looking ominous. What if you find yourself in a flooded street after the water has started to rise? Driving on flooded roads is highly discouraged, but if you absolutely must, keep these travel tips in mind:

1. Proceed With Extreme Caution

Turn your hazard lights on and start driving very slowly. Try to gauge the depth of the water by viewing fire hydrants or other cars. If it looks like there are at least six inches, turn around. If you don’t, your engine could stall or sustain permanent damage. Twelve inches of water can set your car afloat.

2. Watch Out for Hazards

Debris in the water can carry an electrical charge if there are downed power lines in the vicinity. Stay in your car and get to high ground as soon as possible. You may also encounter fallen trees or branches. Avoid fast-moving water; it’s imperative that you do so to avoid being swept away.

3. Monitor Other Vehicles

Follow other vehicles from a distance to see how they’re navigating the flooded street. If you see the tailpipe of another car get submerged, it’s time to turn around; your car has a good chance of stalling soon.

4. Drive Slowly and Steadily

Drive only in first gear. Don’t stop unless absolutely necessary. The faster you drive, the greater the chance water has of getting into the undercarriage. If the car stalls, do not restart the engine or it will suck up more water. Driving over three or four miles an hour can cause a large splash that can block the view of other drivers.
Exercise extreme caution if you have to be out on a flooded street. The best advice is to wait it out to remain absolutely safe and protect your vehicle. If your home in Corbett, OK, sustains flood damage, you can hire flood damage restoration professionals to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

3 Tips for Roof Repair After a Fire

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

The inside of a building covered up in smoke and damaged after a fire loss Fire damage in a Slaughterville, OK building

What Fire Insurance Is Best For Your Company?

When you have a business in Slaughterville, OK, then you may be wondering what fire insurance coverage is best for your company. Here's a few tips that may help.

1. Know What’s in Your Existing Policy

One of the first things to know about insurance as what is contained in your existing policy. Some policies very by whether they pay out the actual cost value, or the anticipated cost of replacement. This can make a difference in how much coverage you have in the event of fire were to occur on the property. You may also want to check whether you have specific fire coverage, or an all perils policy. If you do have a fire policy then fire restoration, repairs and smoke cleanup should also be covered.

2. Keep Your Policy Up-to-date

You will also want to ensure that your fire insurance coverage is up to date. This means if you acquire a new building structure, such as a storage shed, or equipment, that you may want to ensure that it is included in any insurance you may have, or purchase a policy specific to the item.

3. Use a Restoration Service

In many cases your insurance company may recommend a restoration service. Not only do these professionals have the ability to restore the variety of types of damages that can occur with a fire, but in many cases have resources that can help the insurance company with your claim. These may include an electronic database of damaged items, as well as the ability to check progress as it occurs.
When considering what fire insurance coverage you want for your business, it's important to know what's in your existing policy so that you can see if there are any gaps you would like additional coverage for. It's also important to keep your policy up-to-date with any new additions or equipment that may be on your property. If you do suffer damage you may want to work with a restoration service who can help both you and your agent with the information needed for your claim.