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How SERVPRO Uses Ultrasonic Cleaning After Fire Damage to Your Noble Auto Parts Store

5/9/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial How SERVPRO Uses Ultrasonic Cleaning After Fire Damage to Your Noble Auto Parts Store SERVPRO's ultrasonic cleaning process can be very useful after fire damage at your auto parts store. Call quickly after damage for best results.

Quick Response and Remediation can Reduce Loss After a Fire at Your Business

Fire damage is a serious concern for local business owners. A fire starts more easily than most people imagine. All it takes is a spark, or a faulty appliance to start a blaze. After a fire occurs, the main worry for most business owners is how to restore and save the contents of their business. After all, inventory is not cheap, and you do not want to have to pay to replace all of it unless necessary. That sort of bill can run a business into big trouble. That is why SERVPRO is here to help with the fire cleanup and restoration process and help leave your store “Like it never even happened.”
Commercial fire damage to your auto parts store might wreak havoc with the different auto parts you carry. There is also a risk of it damaging any repair or diagnostic equipment you happen to use. Seeing for-sale items coated in soot is disheartening. However, do not give up hope. Thanks to our leading ultrasonic cleaning technology, SERVPRO can clean soot damaged auto parts and in many cases can restore them as good as new.
Let us take a look at how ultrasonic cleaning works. Conventional cleaning methods rely on scrubbing, rubbing, or immersion in cleaning solutions to try and scrub away or dissolve the residue. For some soot damaged materials, this is effective. However, for others, soot has penetrated too deeply, and something else is needed.
Ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves to remove dirt or particles from materials. It is suitable for many kinds of materials, including auto parts, and is tough enough to clean even heavy duty items or badly discolored parts. The secret is a process called “cavitation.” First, we immerse store items that need cleaning in liquid. The ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves to cause the formation and bursting of microscopic bubbles in the liquid – this is cavitation. As the bubbles burst over the surface of every wrench, spanner, radiator or wiper blade, the cleaning action penetrates deep to remove soot.
We fully train our IICRC-certified technicians to choose the best cleaning solution and products to use in the ultrasonic cleaning process for optimum results.
If you are concerned about cleaning up soot in your auto parts store, give SERVPRO of Norman a call today at (405) 292-0808.

How SERVPRO Helps Restore Air Quality After Mold Damage To Your Etowah Home

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How SERVPRO Helps Restore Air Quality After Mold Damage To Your Etowah Home Moldy Wall in Etowah Happens with Excessive Moisture and Poor Ventilation. Call SERVPRO for Remediation

Mold Remediation Equipment Is Essential for Clean Up

A mold outbreak is a real headache for any homeowner. The discolored mold colonies look unsightly, and there is a real risk of damage to your home and belongings. Some items need to be discarded if the fungi have penetrated too deeply. The structure of your house might suffer. There is also the unpleasant fact of that nasty moldy smell and that mold can cause health effects.
Mold damage in your Etowah home leaves your house feeling unclean and contaminated. Thankfully our SERVPRO experts are on hand to contain the outbreak and prevent the further spread of spores leading to new mold patches. Our mold remediation team quickly establishes a safe working area and thoroughly cleans every surface to remove mold.
One important aspect of our mold remediation work is helping restore air quality in your home. We use air scrubbers and negative air machines to clean the air in your house and reduce the presence of spores. Air scrubbers are portable filtration systems that play a vital role in improving air quality. The scrubbers draw air through a series of powerful HEPA filters that trap mold spores as small as 0.3 microns and remove them from the air. The result is cleaner air with less fungal spores in it.
Negative air machines are similar to air scrubbers, with the addition that they draw contaminated air and vent it to the exterior. Venting air outside is useful in two ways: Mold spores are removed from your house, and a vacuum is created to prevent further spreading of the fungus.
Our IICRC-certified technicians come equipped with a range of cleaning materials and tools that complement the air scrubbing process. Our arsenal includes powerful HEPA vacuums that we use to suction up mold spores and debris to prevent them from resettling. We also have access to fogging machines which compress disinfectants into a mist that penetrates surfaces and kills mold spores. Other foggers can also deodorize the affected areas, putting a finishing touch to the mold remediation.
SERVPRO teams also oversee drying out of your home or contaminated rooms after the mold remediation process. Getting your home and belongings dry to their normal level of moisture content is vital for helping prevent another mold outbreak. Our experts have dehumidifiers on hand to bring down the humidity in the air, and air movers for drying out specific areas.
Do not struggle with trying to deal with a mold outbreak. Call SERVPRO of Norman at (405) 292-0808 today for assistance.

Four Fire Damage Restoration Techniques in Lexington

4/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Four Fire Damage Restoration Techniques in Lexington Regardless of the type of damage, SERVPRO technicians are trained in the latest methods of remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Will Not Waste Any Time Restoring Your Fire Damaged Property

Returning your home to its original state after a fire involves removing damaged property and debris, structure reconstruction, and cleaning of the building and personal property. Each task requires trained personnel with the latest in restoration equipment and cleaning agents.

SERVPRO maintains a 24-hour response team with access to a nationwide network of equipment and cleaners to handle any fire damage to your Lexington home. When it comes to recovering structural and personal property, we have developed four techniques to ensure the right chemicals, procedures, and tools match the damage.

Absorption – Some surfaces are too fragile to use a water-based or solvent-based cleaner. In these cases, a dry powder is used to coat the property lightly. They are very efficient in removing soils from porous surfaces like brick, carpet, drapes, marble, and upholstery. Once the contamination has absorbed into the powder, it is easily extracted by dry wiping or using a vacuum if possible.

Surface Techniques – Spray and Wipe and Foam Cleaning prevent material from being saturated with water or a cleaning agent. Spray and Wipe is the preferred technique for hard surfaces and furniture. Once the agent is sprayed or misted onto the property, it is wiped off with a dry towel. We use Foam Cleaning on property that is easily damaged by excessive moisture. It still puts enough cleaning agent onto the assets while reducing the amount of liquid. Technicians apply foam by hand using a sponge or with a pump-up sprayer which is dryer still and a better technique for more delicate or older fabrics.

Saturation Techniques – Hand Wash and Rinse use cloth towels soaked in a cleaning agent to cover and lightly scrub soils and other contamination from surfaces and fabrics. After several repeats, a dry towel is used to absorb the remaining moisture. For deeply stained cloth, we deploy an Upholstery Cleaning Machine (UCM). This device uses a cleaning agent or water to remove heavy soil along with an adjustable agitation action to work contamination from the property.

Immersion Technique – Response team members, place affected property into a tank filled with one of our cleaning agents. The technician maintains constant observation of the property to ensure thorough cleaning without damage to the item. If needed, the technician has the option to use an ultrasonic cleaner to generate sound waves which force millions of vapor bubbles through the immersed item for a faster operation.

SERVPRO of Norman, Oklahoma has the tools and training to put your home back to its pre-disaster state. Regardless if it is a small or large fire, we work with you to get your life back to normal. If you need us, call today at (405) 292-0808.

Hidden Mold Damage In Your Slaughterville Area Home

3/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Hidden Mold Damage In Your Slaughterville Area Home Mold Problems on Your Building in Slaughterville, Contact SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO Remediates Damage Caused by Mold

When you think about mold damage in your home, you likely imagine being able to see a large area covered in mold growth that causes red flags to go off. However, in most cases, mold damage in your home starts with a strange musty odor and exposure that is simply not visible to the naked eye.
If you are like most people, without visual proof that mold damage exists, a small water leak in your Slaughterville area home can cause extensive damage. Months, and sometimes even years, could go by before anything appears to draw your attention to the problem.
Most of us assume that mold only grows in bathrooms or maybe in your basement. If you cannot see damage in your bathroom and do not have a basement, there is little reason to enter your crawl spaces or attic.
A small leak in a pipe in your bathroom can cause water to seep into the crawl space under your house. That, combined with the raw, unprotected building materials underneath, provide mold with the perfect environment to grow unimpeded. Moist, little, if any, sunlight, and plenty of organic matter.
This mold growth affects your entire living environment, indoor air quality, and can cause health effects to each member of your family, regardless of the species or amount of mold that is growing. When you find a leak, it is important to dry things out immediately, if there is any reason whatsoever to conclude additional water may have found its way into other areas, you should call for professional help.
A company, like SERVPRO, can provide you with the IICRC certified professional technicians with years of experience in mitigating mold damage in your home. Our applied microbial remediation technicians can help you get things under control and give you tips on how to limit the possibility of exposure in the future.
SERVPRO technicians cordon off the infected areas of your home, perform a full inspection, locate the source of moisture causing the issue, repair it, and use EPA and OSHA guidelines to handle and dispose of damaged materials to help prevent further growth and contain the spread of mold spores.
SERVPRO uses a variety of equipment such as water extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers and cleaning methods to help return every area of your home to a quality pre-mold damage condition, in a timely and efficient manner. Air scrubbers with HEPA filtration systems are very adept at capturing airborne fungi particles and mold spores.
Give SERVPRO of Norman a call today for access to professional mold remediation services you can trust. (405) 292-0808

Commercial Flood Damage and Your Hall Park Marriage Counseling Practice

3/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage and Your Hall Park Marriage Counseling Practice Don't let flooding keep you out of your office. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO Returns Your Property to Normal After Flooding

Best practices and legal requirements that focus on the medical fields have also changed how counseling is carried out. Now, counseling clients are provided the same protections that medical patients are given. With increased paperwork, privacy protections, and other enhancements to your practice, a flood can put much of this at risk of loss, and that can put your practice at risk of sanctions. SERVPRO can help you avoid additional problems in addition to the ones that flooding normally causes.

Hall Park offices have flooding for various reasons, and this flooding often results in commercial flood damage that can affect buildings for months afterward. If cleanup efforts are not commenced immediately, damage can continue for much longer, and it can even spread beyond the area that was initially damaged by the water.

In counseling practices, notes are often taken during each session, assisting in a continuity of care that can follow a client if he or she decide to begin services with another counselor, as well as providing a history that can help diagnose problems and form avenues of treatment. During a flood, the increased humidity can damage these notes and other documents. SERVPRO has document drying services that can save these, helping ensure that privacy and other legal requirements can be met.

Flooding can make your office inaccessible for an extended period. It is during this time that intruders might decide to enter to see what can be stolen. Because of this too-often occurrence, we also provide temporary fencing. This can often be enough of a deterrent that no break-ins happen. Fencing off your building from those who would enter the property can also protect you from subsequent injury lawsuits.

Document drying and temporary fencing are only part of the methods we use to restore an office that is damaged by flooding. Flooring must be completely dried and cleaned, followed by sanitizing. Walls may need to be replaced with new drywall and painted. Furniture is also often dramatically affected by flooding, and we can restore yours to like-new condition. We understand that your practice is a reflection of you as a professional, as we aim to give you the best possible results.

Calling SERVPRO of Norman at (405) 292-0808 should be your first step in regaining your practice's functionality and protecting your patients' rights to confidentiality and privacy. We are always here, no matter when you may need us.

Flood Damage Repair for Your Noble Home

3/7/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Repair for Your Noble Home SERVPRO responds quickly to flood damage events in order to prevent secondary damages.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Quick and Skilled Response to Flooding

When your home has suffered a flood, every minute counts. Therefore, you want an experienced company such as SERVPRO. Emergency flood damage restoration needs not only skill but urgency. Our staff is trained and certified to the highest standards in the industry and responds to your call right away, any time you need us. We mitigate the loss to your home and meet each challenge with reliability, professionalism, respect and compassion.
We recognize that flood damage creates a setback which is devastating to your family, and we do whatever it takes to give you a sense of security with the least disruption possible. Our recovery and restoration process in Noble is aimed at people and property. You can rely on us to lower the impact that flooding and water damage have.
We do not call it a day until you tell us we have met or exceeded your expectations. When your home floods, the water wreaks havoc on the structure of your house, the health of the inside environment, and your personal belongings. Several contaminants are in flood waters, along with much mud. High dollar items can get ruined very quickly, with just an inch of water. They include wallboard, carpeting, furniture, and appliances. A deeper flood or more severe storm can damage even more expensive systems such as the heater and air conditioner, ducts, private sewage, roofing, well systems, the foundation, and utilities.
Thorough Treatment and Respect
At SERVPRO, we use the latest equipment for drying, dehumidifying, disinfecting, and deodorizing. We restore your home so you can get back to your normal life again as quickly as possible. We offer flood damage services that are unrivaled in effectiveness and we always respectfully handle all of your property like it was our own. We respect everything in your home including collectibles, furniture, or your child’s sentimental artwork with the utmost care.
Our prompt response can save you fifteen to forty percent on flood damage claim costs. We rescue and restore lives and property with our expert methods in the shortest time possible and at an affordable price to you.
Our commitment to customer excellence includes you, meaning you can expect ongoing, effective communication and report from us during the entire remediation process. At SERVPRO of Norman, we understand your requirements. We give a complete estimate, including photos, to the agent or adjuster within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Just give us a call at (405) 292-0808 when you experience a flood situation in your home.

SERVPRO Works in a Warehouse's Favor in Lexington

2/28/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Works in a Warehouse's Favor in Lexington Water damage at a warehouse with food storage needs to be handled with lightning speed. Call SERVPRO immediately after damage has occurred.

Quick Response Can Greatly Benefit the Outcome After Water Damage Has Occured

When a warehouse or agricultural business has been flooded or taken significant water damage, safety, speed, and thoroughness in restorations are all factors that cannot be compromised. SERVPRO carries the technology, tools, and personnel to handle these complex and often large-scale disasters quickly and cost-effectively, without ever sacrificing on quality and transparency. If your warehouse has taken on substantial water damage, rest assured that we are up to the task of handling the damages.
Fast and Heavy Water Removal
Many Lexington commercial warehouse water damage cases occur in food and agricultural buildings, making water removal a big and demanding job when it is required. SERVPRO stocks the sort of heavy-duty equipment needed to pump out water in high volumes, and to dry the area completely once standing water has been removed. In buildings with large floor spaces or underground levels, we often bring in multiple truck-mounted pumps to get water out within hours. Once that is complete, our fleet of air movers and dehumidifiers moves in to finish the drying process.
Safety Precautions and Preventative Measures
Many warehouses contain perishable or hazardous materials, requiring specialized care to handle and dry. We have a broad range of certifications to our name, enabling us to tackle even the most unique and potentially dangerous floods and water damages. We also work closely with you and insurance companies to make sure that any particular safety requirements for the building are fulfilled to their fullest extent during restorations.
Fast Response Times and Intensive Service
A common problem that plagues damaged buildings is a lack of commitment from the restoration company. Some companies will delay their response times either out of incompetence or to directly increase damages and costs for you. We employ a strategy of fast responses and mitigation to drive down costs and get your warehouse back in operation in as little time as possible.
SERVPRO of Norman is an experienced local franchise of a national company that can help your business to overcome any natural disaster. Call us around the clock at (405) 292-0808.

Flood Damage To Your Noble Property

1/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage To Your Noble Property Restoring your home is a process that needs a professional company which understands the requirements of both internal and external damage.

Flood Damage Cleanup And Restoration

Water damage from a burst pipe or West Branch Boone Creek overflowing can severely impact a home and its contents. Restoring your home is a process that needs a professional company which understands the requirements of both internal and external damage. Flood damage in Noble can also come from a damaged sewer line or even if the Canadian River breaks its banks. SERVPRO has decades of experience in all of these scenarios, a 24-hour response team, and has an extensive inventory of tools to deal with them all.

First, we examine the source of the flooding and attempt to either fix or block it. Our technicians do this to prevent a recurrence of the problem once we have pumped out any standing water. If not, any effort to remove it is like trying to bail out a leaking boat in the rain.

With the visible water removed, the next step is to deploy industrial-sized water extractors. These devices remove water that is trapped in your wooden floors and carpets. The goal here is to prevent warping and buckling of floorboards, to stop rotting and mold growth in carpets, and to prevent odors from developing. To ensure that any remaining moisture is drawn out, they then use special heaters that dry the affected areas without scorching the nape of the carpet or warping floorboards with excess heat.

Now that the water has been removed, our technicians use moisture meters to ensure that your home's humidity levels are normal. If the levels are not, then they will set up dehumidifiers to draw water out of the air and set up commercial-grade air movers to increase air circulation, replacing the damp air with a drier atmosphere.

Finally, we check the affected floors and walls for possible fungal and mold growth. Lowering the moisture level to normal will stop further mold growth, but if there is already existing mold, our technicians need to determine if surfaces and property can be cleaned or needs to be removed.

With no rain anticipated for the next week, now is the ideal time to call us at (405) 292-0808 to deal with previous flood damage or even to schedule an inspection to learn how to prevent future problems. SERVPRO of Norman is here to help you return your home and your life back to normal.

Water Removal From Your Lexington Service Station

1/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Removal From Your Lexington Service Station Water Can Close Down Your Business in Norman

Businesses Remain Open During Water Extraction from SERVPRO

Torrential rains and the rising Canadian River can cause significant flooding in central Oklahoma. When you are a full-service mechanic and gas station flood waters, threaten your business in a number of ways. Your service bays and parking areas for customer’s vehicles may expose the cars and trucks you are working on to water damage. Your tools, pumps, and machinery are all at risk from the threatening waters. SERVPRO can help get the water removed quickly from your garages and other interior work areas with industrial power submersible pumps and extractors. If you have sandbagged outdoor parking and the lanes to the gas pumps are flooded, we can remove the water that has made it past the barriers to keep your business open even while high water levels threaten other areas of the community.

When your business involves storing customers’ property while it awaits repair or pickup, you have a high motivation for professional water removal from your Lexington commercial buildings. A family’s car or truck is a significant asset and one that cannot easily be replaced if water ruins it while in your care. The trust you have built up with your customers will disappear if you do not have the plan to keep their vehicles safe and dry even under unusually severe conditions. Fast developing disasters such as cloudbursts can hit the area without much warning. More predictable events like the local river cresting over flood stage may allow you some lead time to prepare for the influx of water in your service station. Either way, we will be on the spot to help you with the water removal services you need to normalize your company’s operations as soon as we get your call.
One crucial element to consider when removing water from a commercial setting is to be certain that electrical and chemical hazards are avoided. SERVPRO technicians will locate all electrical lines and other utility hookups before wading in to remove the water. We highly recommend that your business considers developing an Emergency Ready Profile Mobile App Plan (ERP) that we offer before disaster strikes. When you can work in collaboration with us to identify key features of your business that could make water removal and damage recovery challenging or dangerous, we will best be able to safeguard your livelihood if we completely understand your physical plant and where its vulnerabilities lie.
Commercial water removal is a specialty of SERVPRO of Norman. Our technicians and equipment arrive quickly after your call to (405) 292-0808. Our expertise will preserve the well-earned reputation of your business.

Understanding the Lifecycle of Mold Damage in Lexington Properties

1/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Understanding the Lifecycle of Mold Damage in Lexington Properties Control the spread of mold by calling SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

Don't Let Mold Damage Plague Your Property

The common misconception about domestic mold damage is that it can be simply scrubbed and cleaned away. This is one of the reasons why so many homeowners struggle with frequent ‘breakouts.’ It is because they are not actually dealing with the problem at its source.

They do not understand how mold behaves, so they do not know how to neutralize it. Blotchy, unsightly patches are treated desperately with household chemicals, but nothing seems to prevent the problem from returning. It can feel like a nightmare situation, but there is a way to deal with mold damage in Lexington homes.

SERVPRO is a professional mold remediation and repair company based in the Lexington area. We have access to state of the art equipment and, most importantly, we know an awful lot about how to stop mold in its tracks.

Where Does Domestic Mold Come From?

Mold is not a solid, single entity. It is neither passive nor inert. It is a living, functioning organism and this is why it can be so tricky to control. It is spread by tiny mold spores, which get into the home via soil, organic matter, and various forms of house dust.

It is impossible to prevent spores from entering a home. They are too numerous and too tiny. Besides, in small amounts, they pose no risk. It is only when combined with heat and water that they begin to spread and multiply. Flooding, damp, and untreated water damage provide the ideal conditions for growth.

How Does Mold Spread Throughout the Home?

Often, the first indication of a mold problem is the unsightly, blotchy patches which form on walls, window sills, ceilings, and other damp, humid places. However, this is not actually the part of the breakout which causes trouble. The spores spread the mold to other areas of the house. They are near impossible to spot with the naked eye, but they move around on the slightest of air currents.

So, you could be spreading mold around the property simply by walking from room to room. This is why SERVPRO mold damage repairs often involve a containment procedure. This is not always the case, but it is recommended for all but the mildest of mold problems. The technicians erect special barriers and sheets to seal the contaminated air inside the affected room. That way, it cannot be spread by physical movements or the use of drying equipment.

If you would like more information on the spread of domestic mold, you can get in touch with our experts. They are specially trained in the art of mold remediation, which means that they can neutralize its spread and stop it from causing further damage. SERVPRO of Norman operates a 24/7 helpline, so call on (405) 292-0808.