Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial office with water damage

This commercial business in Lexington had water damage from a burst pipe. SERVPRO of Norman was able to arrive quickly and removed the water damaged carpet and sheetrock.  Once this was done we set up our equipment to get the affected area dry!

Break Room Drying

The break room in this commercial building was impacted by a water loss. We brought in the drying equipment pictured here in order to expedite the drying process so that further damage could be prevented.

Setting Up Equipment

In this picture, you can see one of our technicians setting up drying equipment after this dressing room suffered damage from a water loss. If your home or business suffers a loss like this, call us!

Drying Commercial Structure

When this store suffered a water loss, our team was brought in to clean up and repair the damage. As you can see, we put containment barriers in place and brought in drying equipment to help speed up the drying process.

Equity Realty United Way Plaza

Four inches of rain fell in Norman overnight overwhelming the drainage around the building. Water intruded into the first floor affecting several offices. SERVPRO performed water mitigation services, which allowed all businesses in the building to continue to stay open. Drying services prevented any demolition to the structure.

The First Baptist Church of Moore

A water line to a water fountain on the second floor of the conference center of the church broke and leaked for six hours before maintenance workers arrived. SERVPRO was called to extract the water and dry the structure. Drying services began on Thursday and were finished before church service on Sunday. The affected areas were reopened with no disruption.

Super 8 Hotel

A late August thunderstorm ripped the roof off of the southwest corner of the building. Rainwater affected 12 units of the hotel. All rooms were completely saturated with water from ceiling to floor. SERVPRO performed demolition and dry out services in order to prevent any type of mold growth in the building. Services allowed re-construction of the rooms within a matter of days.

Gold's Gym Express

The newly opened workout facility suffered a sewage backup in the two locker rooms/restrooms. SERVPRO was on site within a matter of minutes of receiving the call for help. Cleanup services were provided. Disinfecting and odor control were a top priority. No damage occurred to any portion of the building as a result of fast response. The backup was isolated to the tile areas. Cleanup services provided business to resume as normal the same day.

Midtown Plaza - Dowell Properties

A water line break on the top floor allowed water to drain down onto all floors of the building. SERVPRO was called out after business hours on the weekend to extract water from all floors. Water removal from the structure allowed the property company to concentrate their efforts to dry down the remaining wet areas of the building themselves. Business resumed as normal the next day.

Chickasaw Senior Nutrition Center

A water line froze and burst in the utility closet of the building during the weekend. Workers arrived on Monday morning to find the entire building flooded. SERVPRO was called to extract water and perform drying services. During the dry out process, strategic procedures were employed to allow building occupants to still utilize the building. The structure of the building was saved with minimal damage.


Four main areas of the bank were affected by water from a broken sprinkler pipe. Single digit temperatures overnight caused the line to burst, flooding the back area of the bank. SERVPRO performed extraction services immediately and began the dry out process. Working behind the scenes, the efforts of SERVPRO allowed the bank to continue normal operations. The structure was saved without any damage.