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Fixing a Leaky Ceramic-Disk Faucet

10/22/2020 (Permalink)

faucet tap with flowing water The majority of leaky faucet problems are also relatively easy to fix by yourself

Follow These Steps If You Are Dealing With A Leaking Ceramic-Disk Faucet

A leaking faucet may be easy to ignore, but did you know that avoiding the problem is actually costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted water every month? The majority of leaky faucet problems are also relatively easy to fix by yourself. Follow the steps below if your home in Spring Hill, OK, has a leaking ceramic-disk faucet.

1. Shut Off the Faucet's Water and Plug the Drain.
Look underneath the sink to find the handle or set of handles on the piping. Use these to turn off the water to the leaking faucet. Next, plug the drain. You're going to be working with a lot of tiny parts and the last thing you want to do is drop any of them down the drain.

2. Remove the Handle and the Escutcheon Cap.
Unscrew the handle to remove it. The escutcheon cap is that little metal bit that sits directly below the handle. Remove this as well.

3. Remove and Clean the Disk Cylinder.
Unscrew the disk cylinder to remove it. You should see several neoprene seals on its underside. Pry these seals out and fully immerse them in a glass or bowl of white vinegar. Leave to soak for several hours. After they're clean, you'll be able to see whether or not they need to be replaced.

4. Replace the Seals, If You Need to.
After you're done cleaning the seals, inspect them to see whether they appear worn out. If you need to replace them, bring the old seals to the hardware store to use as a reference.

5. Reassemble the Sink and Slowly Turn the Water Back On.
Work backwards from the above steps to reassemble your ceramic-disk faucet. Make sure you turn the water back on very slowly, as too much force can crack the ceramic disk. Now you have a fixed leak.
Don't let a leaking faucet add hundreds of dollars to your monthly water bill, especially when the home remedy is so easy to perform. If the above steps didn't help, double check to make sure your dripping faucet actually is a ceramic-disk model. Contact flood remediation experts for additional assistance, if need be.

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